Surf Camps

Surf Camp Training

One of the good things about surfing are the surf camps, which provide an opportunity to experience different surf spots, meet new people and surf the best waves around. As a licensed tour operator we can provide a full surf experience including all the equipment and transport (including pick up/drop off at the airport). We can organise surf tours, accommodation, meals, surf games, surf movies, yoga and visits to surf shops, a surfboard factory (including personalised consultation) and a lot more .

The program is designed to improve your surfing ability and confidence on the board, whilst offering participation in other activities which may be of interest.
Experience the many surf breaks on Phillip Island, learn basic skills on the Smooth Star skateboard, make new friends and have fun! Everything is provided in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Prices vary. Contact us for more information

School Surf Camp

When l was a kid l probably dreams about it.. a Super fun Grommets Surf Camp on the school holidays with kids everywhere. doing everything they like learning the Surf, Skating, visiting the surf museum touring around the island, boating fishing go kart... let the kids been kids at Pro Surf Coaching Grommets Surf Camp. the stoke on they faces says everything’s..

Surf Camp Trips:

King Island Surf Camp

King Island is our amazing surf destination in Tasmania with top people around, lots to see and amazing waves everywhere.. the main wave on the island is the world famous Martha Lavinia, solid amazing lite blue barrels broken on a withe sand botton beach break all along the beach perfect for photos and videos, but depending on surf conditions and different surf spots will sparkling around the island.

We will fly from Melbourne in a smal privite aircraft and after 45 minutes we arrive on the island already for our adventure, we will have set up waiting at the airport one or two 4x4 truck to take us around the full wheel drive tracks incluiding anything in between us and the waves.

We have a few options of acomodation and diferent top locations for haven our meal, visiting turistic spots and meeting the locals for a meal.

The adventure to this paradise is unique and time life expirience you are more than welcome to try it with us. Our next Pro Surf Coaching Surf Camp King Island on the way very soon and as a good wave and everything in life our surf camp pass quickly is like that when you have good time together.. For more informations please contact us