Exclusive Lessons

Pro Surf Coaching provides quality and safety exclusive lessons

with our highly experienced head coach, Ed Amorim.

Exclusive Surf Lessons

Trying surfing for the first time? Or wanting to improve your surf skills?

Our one-on-one surf lessons provide the opportunity for you to participate in training sessions aimed at targeting the improvement of skills specific to your individual progress and needs.
As such, students experience a faster learning curve than would otherwise be experienced in a group
Combining our "Skate for Surfing" Smoothstar skate lesson prior to your beach surf, we guarantee to have you riding waves in no time.

Exclusive Skate for Surf Lessons

Arguably the worldโ€™s best surf training tool, out of the water.

As with one-on-one surf lessons, our one-on-one Skate for Surfers lessons fast track your Smoothstar learning identifying problems specific to your progress as a individual.
Learn and practise with our trained coaches on land all the SmoothStar exercises that will help to improve technique, body position and flow on a wave. Learn about the top surf manoeuvres you can practise time and time again on a SmoothStar. Develop muscle memory, balance and techniques required by all surfers.
The practice of our repetitive exercises plus the possibility of immediate corrections and right guidance from your coach combined with time on the board, creates muscle memories and will be the key to your progression in the water.
Our on land training sessions are focused on helping you gain better understanding of body rotation when progressing on your surfboard. Using SmoothStar Surf Training our coaches are able to teach you how to generate speed, Surf posture, balance and body rotation when learning top to bottom turns and vice versa. As you progress on the SmoothStar you will learn wave simulation and understanding of the different sections of a wave and how to get the most out of the wave.