About Us

Welcome to Pro Surf Coaching

Pro Surf Coaching Academy is a quality Surf School with 40 years of surfing experience which has enabled us to develop a unique methodology for surf lessons and programs. We are focused on safety and results.

We are suitable for all age groups and surfers’ levels:- from a complete beginner needing to establish strong fundamentals and safety on the beach, all the way to an experienced competitor committed to enhancing their technique to achieve their best performance.
We are proud to assist you in every way possible to be able to improve your surf skills to the next level, We use all available resources and technology, combining skate and surf tuition, physical preparation, and development of the surf mind. We utilize video analysis maintained on a data base so you can see the stages of your improvement throughout your journey.

Should you wish to expand your surf journey globally, we have Pro Surf Coaching Academies in some of the world’s best surf spots including our base in Phillip Island (Australia), Mentawai (Indonesia), Fort Pierce (Florida), Pichilemu (Chile) and Santa Catarina (Brazil).

Our goal is to offer consistent training, quality equipment together with our local knowledge to support your global surf journey.

New methodology

The Pro Surf Coaching innovative approach incorporates the use of the SmoothStar (a special skateboard for surfers). Training on the Smoothstar optimises your time on top of the board, as it assists in training the repetitive muscle memory required for improving technique, body position and flow on a wave.

Arguably this is one of the world’s best surf training tools which benefits students of all abilities; it is also independent of surf conditions.

Each academy provides a surf gym unique to the development of the musculature and strength utilised in surfing

The Founder: ED AMORIM

Hailing from the warm waters of Santa Catarina, Brazil, surfing is Ed Amorim’s life. Ed Still recalls the first time his father pushed him into a wave, igniting his passion and inspiring him to start competing at age 11.

Many years later Ed has a solid professional competitive surfing career behind him, including a National Title in 2001. Ed was on tour with the WSL (World Surf League) for many years and has appeared in numerous surfing magazines and media.

As a competitor Ed trained hard and gave his best in every challenge, striving for greater achievements and success. Turning a dream into reality saw Ed undertake further studies at university, completing two degrees, Business and Marketing, and Tourism and Hospitality.

From 2005 to 2011 Ed worked with the WSL as the commentator for Spanish and Portuguese languages. His love for the sea has also led Ed to complete a Dive instructor course and a Commercial Boat Skipper course, further expanding his knowledge and understanding of rocks and rips in the ocean. Most importantly Ed is a certified advanced Surf Instructor recognised by Surfing Australia and the International Surfing Association.